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please remember that The Wandering Moon Tarot is now a retired, out of print deck. authentic copies are still available for purchase. all other decks will remain as per usual. -rach xoxo

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what are you manifesting?

you would of seen a pop up when you entered the store, asking you if you’d like to claim your dream life…

sound like total, sleazy, salesperson bullsh!t, doesn’t it? yeah, i know it does.

but there is a difference. a huge difference, because what i’m showing you works if you decide you want it to.

what i’m showing you costs nothing financially. but it will cost you time, effort, and energy. which it absolutely should, because nothing amazing and life altering arrives for free.

what you manifest is equal to the amount of energy you put into the act of manifesting. that’s the beauty of it. you get what you give.

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about MoonHaus Studio

it began as a tarot deck and it’s kickstarter campaign during the lockdowns of 2020-21 and became The Wandering Moon Co.

four decks, two softcover journals, and countless digital download items later, the rebranding began and MoonHaus Studio was born.

I’m Rachael and I’m the soul behind this one woman show. I run MoonHaus Studio from my home office, based in Geelong, Australia.


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