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mini tarot deck: cosmic pink - pocket tarot cards, guidebook, box, holographic, unique & cute

mini tarot deck: cosmic pink - pocket tarot cards, guidebook, box, holographic, unique & cute

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This new mini tarot deck is in cute pink & black with holographic edges. the mini tarot cards are easy to hold and the guidebook includes cards meanings and keywords 🌸🖤

🩷this is the pocket tarot deck of The Wandering Moon Tarot (still available but now retired due to illegal bootleg copies being sold online). some of the major arcana cards from The Wandering Echo Major Arcana deck have been used instead of the original major arcana cards.

🌟free shipping for Australia, UK, USA, Canada, NZ, the EU, and more!🌟

🎀processing time is currently set at 7 days as this is a brand new item. the extra time will allow me to sort any hiccups that may occur with my fulfilment centre. i can assure you that decks will be sent out much sooner. just being careful & cautious 🤗🩷

✨do you ever find yourself…
- feeling spiritually drained & running on empty?
- feeling & knowing that there must be more for you out there?
- laying awake at night, utterly exhausted, wondering when it’s going to be your turn to do what you’d like?
- only connecting to a few individual souls, who just ‘get you’?
- wanting a way to express yourself, connect with your feminine, spiritual side, & mend your bond with your intuition?

…then is super likely that tarot is exactly what you need! 💖💖💖

💘let the Cosmic Pink mini tarot deck be your new divination bestie and guide!💘


🎆deck specs:🎆 [limit of ONE deck per order]
-82 cards in 350gsm (26 major arcana [4 unique cards], 56 minor arcana)
- card size: 57mm x 88mm / 2.24in x 3.46in
- foiling on edges, card backs, booklet cover, all surfaces of 2 piece box
- booklet (same size as cards) is 52-pages, with all cards included, plus further information and spreads.
- two piece box: super strong to keep your pocket pink cards safe for years and years to come! has a gorgeous silk matte finish and thumb notches for easy opening
- overall size of box: 109 x 69 x 46mm / 4.29 x 2.71 x 1.81in
…….so damn cute and gorgeous!!!!! 🤗🩷🤗🩷🤗🩷

©️ MoonHaus Studio
🌙 visit the site!

😢a very sad, but important note: due to illegal bootleg copies of The Wandering Moon Tarot being sold online and my inability as a small business to compete with those purchasing said illegal copies, this deck is now retired. This means that it will not be printed again. All decks of The Wandering Moon Tarot purchased from August ‘23 onwards are from the last print run. When the number of decks remaining becomes critically low, I will let people know so on on Instagram and via my e-letter (sign up here: 🌐 ). -rach xoxo


🌟so, how can tarot help you? here’s some very real feedback and occurrences which i’ve received (*names changed to protect privacy):

★ Jane* messaged me and asked if i could draw a card for her question ‘should i leave or should i stay?’. i didn’t know the situation but the card clearly resonated with her. Jane was married, & unhappy; unfulfilled & lost within herself.
she ordered the tarot & oracle set. using the cards gave her the opportunity to listen to, reconnect with, & learn to gain trust in herself & her intuition. the marriage ended mutually.
she left her office job and became a fully qualified reiki practitioner & sound therapist.

★ Sarah* connected with me online when i had done a post about having fibro & how hard the mornings can be. i explained to Sarah that what helped me was having a simple, easy to follow routine. Sarah wanted to start her day off in a gentle, calming way. i suggested journaling & meditation, & Sarah added tarot. she purchased the wandering moon tarot.
eventually, Sarah started setting an alarm to wake up earlier to enjoy more ‘tarot time’, as she called it. Sarah then did a certified course in tarot reading and now helps folks who are disabled, or with chronic pain/illness, to reconnect with themselves through spiritual means & tarot readings

★ you know how our days get busy, they start to roll into one, and it’s just a cycle of sleep, work, survive, sleep, work, survive. we’ve all been there. it happens when we lose that connection to our innate selves, our intuition, our spiritual self.
well, what i do is create decks that have modern meaning, symbolism, and relatable depictions of how so many of our human emotions feel.
in fact, i’ve heard so many times about how the cards, both tarot and oracle, helped women (and some men) connect with themselves once more. then, that connection disrupted the sleep, work, survive cycle.

life gained more meaning, more change, more happiness


🌟🌙A note for tarot lovers: two of the suits have been changed to suit vibe of the deck better. cups are called ‘moons’ (think of the watery, emotional energy the moon brings), and pentacles are called ‘stars’ (just a different name for the same thing). Wands and swords remain the same. Court cards are also the same.
- Rach 🖤



🌟this deck is being fulfilled overseas via a fulfilment centre which i have partnered with.

i have fibro & it means i can’t keep up with the volume of orders needing to be sent out. i never want your deck to be late because of me, which is why i entrust NextSmartShip to send your orders in a safe & timely manner.

i have worked, & continue to work, closely with them to ensure the highest quality packaging materials are used. the following points are some of the important details that they require in order to ship your order successfully.

🗺️ all orders will receive a tracking number which can then be used with the following site to track your order:


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📱find me on the gram!
★ ★ @moonhaus.rachael

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