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Tarot Cheat Sheet - Guide for Yes or No Tarot Answers

Tarot Cheat Sheet - Guide for Yes or No Tarot Answers

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a list of yes or no answers from tarot cards!

flips a coin or draw a card: get a yes or no from tarot cards

tarot card cheat sheet guide: yes or no answers card list: ideal for one’s tarot journal, to find quick answers to questions in a tarot reading: includes the major arcana and minor arcana across three pages (please note that no physical item will be issued)

—>please scroll down for the FAQ section on the topic of yes/no tarot

-each tarot card has a yes, no, or unsure answer assigned to it according to its overall meaning and energy.

-knowing which answer it gives can help to add a new layer to your readings.

-it can also work in a simple, yet super effective ways of asking a yes/no question, the. drawing a card, and receiving your answer.

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🪐 the pages come in:🪐

▪️full colour: for the digital journal lovers: these pages work beautifully in apps such as Goodnotes and Notability, or the PDF program on your device. unless you have a professional grade colour printer, i suggest using these coloured versions only for digital work.

▪️black and white: for those not needing or wanting the colour, or want to add their own. b&w is best for when printing and is the most practical option for when printing at home.

▪️in sizes A4 and US letter: so no matter where you reside, you can print them in your preferred size (if you want to change the size use your printers scaling function)

▪️this is not a template to be altered and resold/shared.

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▪️the usefulness of cheat sheet guides: yes or no tarot card cheat sheet▪️

it’s hard to not want to learn the cards quickly. this can lead to learning the meanings in a flash card like manner. when we do this, all we are doing is memorising words and phrases. the emotion and intuition is removed. if anything, the cards and your intuition go hand in hand.

with a reference guide kept handy, the information is broken down in smaller, more easier phrases that get to the heart of things with ease.

▪️where to start with cheat sheet guides: yes or no tarot answer guide ▪️

honestly, you can use this however you wish. keep it close and handy for when you’re doing a reading, pop it in your tarot journal/book of shadows, it’s totally up to you!! 

I do recommend having the pages kept with other reference guides you may use. they can even be kept on your device. when doing a reading or a daily card draw, use the guides but then sit with those meanings and see how they feel to you and your intuition. you can then add your own notes, your own thoughts.

these pages are just a starting point. add to them, subtract from them, make them your own.

oh, one other thing ☝🏻 while these pages are not a cut and paste job, they also aren’t my own opinions or personal meanings I have associated with the cards. they are unbiased. therefore, if you don’t like, or agree with, something you see in this reference guide then please cross it out and pop your own words in place. as it says above, these pages are just a starting point.

▪️ below each page is a section left for notes. this is ideal if you, for example, find a certain card is not so much of a yes in your option and you’d like to be able to remember that.


answering common queries about practicing with yes/no tarot questions:

  • yes or no tarot: what is it?

each of the 78 traditional cards of a tarot deck have a yes, no, or unsure answer linked to them. some people feel the cards assigned as ‘unsure’ leave too much room for interpretation so they have been given either a yes or no. the yes or no aspect of any particular card (or group of cards) can be used in conjunction with a more in depth tarot reading or the yes no tarot card aspect can be used on its own. 

  • which tarot cards mean yes or no?

some examples of yes tarot cards: strength, the sun, two of cups, ten of pentacles, the world

some examples of no tarot cards: death, three of swords, the tower, ten of wands, five of cups.

if you have even a small amount of tarot knowledge, you’ll be able to see that the tarot cards with a yes answer as the tarot cards with highly positive meanings, that offer good news, comfort and reassurance. those cards you can see in the no section are notoriously the “bad” cards, the ones that people use as their excuse to be frightened or disrespectful of tarot cards, tarot readings, and tarot readers. 

  • can you ask tarot yes or no questions? 

yes, you can! and it’s super easy too 😊 if you don’t yet have a lot of tarot experience, you can purchase a yes no tarot cheat sheet, just like the one in this listing. keeping information like this close by can help you to learn it quicker and easier, and without any overwhelm. 

  • how to ask yes or no when dealing with cards from the tarot?

the way a yes no tarot question works to the best of its ability is when a closed question is asked. a closed question is one that provides the opportunity for a yes or no answer.

asking an opened ended question in this situation only confuses things and a yes or no answer will not make sense. 

for example, a good closed question one could ask is “will i get engaged in the next 6 months?”. an opened ended question in the same vein as this would be something like “why won’t my partner propose to me?”. as you can see, giving this question a yes or no answer is confusing and useless. 

  • is asking yes or no when practicing tarot accurate?

the answers are as accurate as the question being asked and the intention behind it. if you’re asking if yes no tarot answers are accurate, there’s a chance you may need to take a step back and ask yourself if you think tarot is accurate. tarot is just as much about self belief, intuition, and intention as it is about accuracy. 

however, there aare ways you can seriously improve the accuracy of the yes or no answers provided. ensure your question is closed, clear, and makes sense. you can also focus on the intention on getting the answer that you need. 

  • how do i begin a yes no tarot reading?

one of best things about yes no tarot readings is how quick they can be done, how little space and time they require, plus the minimal effort required of you, the reader, to get it done. 

shuffle, hold the deck, think of your closed question, hold the though, image, intention, whatever it is you see in your mind when you focus on this particular question. when you’re ready, draw a card and find it’s correlating answer. 

  • how often can i do a tarot reading?

the beauty of tarot (and divination in general) is the freedom and power to practice however you wish. many tarot lovers do a single card daily reading for themselves. this is done nearly every day, if not every day. 

there is no official, governing body who rule over the tarot world. there is no rule book. the entire point of divination is stepping into your own divinity and making your own choices.

however, the issue of “how often” more so applies to the topic you are performing the reading about. if you’re doing a daily check in on the energies, then that’s normal. if you’re shuffling the cards daily to check if your ex is thinking about you, then that’s possinot as normal and not as healthy. but hey, you do you. like i said, no one is the boss of tarot!


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The Wandering Moon Co. strictly refrains from employing any form of artificial intelligence in the production of its digital items, including journal pages, journal booklets, reference guides, cheat sheets, and more.

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