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tarot card cheat sheet: tarot & the 12 houses of astrology instant download

tarot card cheat sheet: tarot & the 12 houses of astrology instant download

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think of your birth chart/natal chart as something akin to a screenshot taken at the very moment you were born into this earthly realm. This ‘screenshot’ shows the placements of the sky's main celestial beings from our place here on the ground. This circular chart is divided into 12 segments, which are also known as the houses. If your life was a book, the houses are where the plot line, character development, & events would take place.

Each of the 12 houses of this chart is ruled over by a different sign. The ruling sign is dependent on the time, date, & location of your birth.

In this reference guide you’ll get a brief but memorable description of the houses, the associated signs and planets, plus the tarot cards which are tied to that house’s planets and signs (two cards per house) ♈️♉️

🌟 about this quick glance guide:
▪️this page is created in black and white for economical printing.
▪️comes in A4 and US letter size.
▪️features hand drawn symbols, glyphs, and illustrations.
▪️ideal for your tarot journal, grimoire, book of shadows/illumination, etc.

➡️ can easily be kept on your device and used with Notability, GoodNotes, & other similar journal apps.


🌟 so, why use a quick glance guide?

it’s hard to not want to learn the cards quickly, especially when you’ve just discovered (or rediscovered!) the cards of the tarot. you may be feeling the need to learn all 78 cards, each which has both an upright & a reversed meanings (leading to 156 seperate meanings 😬).

having the desire to learn so much, so quickly, can lead to learning the meanings in a flash card-like manner. now, flash cards have a time and a place. they are even the key way some individuals learn. but when we do this in our approach to tarot, all we are doing is memorising words and phrases. the emotion, energy, & intuition is all but removed. always remember that the cards & your intuition go hand in hand. the cards are a way for you, the conduit, to become a conduit of source energy. alone, the cards are just paper. it’s your energy and intuition that makes them special  

with a reference guide kept handy, the information is broken down in smaller, more easier phrases that get to the heart of things with ease. we can create cerebral connections to those meanings, making them personal, and therefore far easier to recall when required.

🌟 how to use a quick glance guide?

honestly, you can use this however you wish. actually, the more personal the better. keep it close & handy for when you’re doing a reading or using the cards. pop it in your tarot journal/book of shadows, kept on your device, your digital journal, wherever. it’s totally up to you!

when doing a reading or a daily card draw use the guides as you wish but then sit with those meanings & see how they feel to you and your intuition. you can then add your own notes and thoughts while simultaneously re moving what doesn’t resonate.

these pages are just a starting point. add to them, subtract from them, make them your own.

oh, one more thing ☝🏻 while these pages are not a cut and paste job, they also aren’t my own opinions or personal thoughts/meanings which I have come to associate with each of the cards. there reference pages are unbiased, proving the agreed upon general meanings. if you don’t like, or agree with, something you see in this reference guide then please cross it out or delete it & then pop your own words and phrases in their place. as it says above, these pages are just a starting point. the rest is now up to you. 


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for more, please visit us on instagram:

★ @thewanderingmoonco

★ @rachaeljean.tarot


💞 purchase with purpose 🫂🪙 The Wandering Moon Co. has teamed up with the amazing folks at i=Change. a dollar from every order will be sent directly to one of three NGOs: Protecting Women, Beyond Blue (mental health), and Women's Shelters.


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☾ terms of use: for personal use only, can not be reproduced, resold, distributed, shared, deconstructed, or be used for commercial purposes.




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