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period tracker set: digital, downloadable, printable || journal pages

period tracker set: digital, downloadable, printable || journal pages

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a period tracker/journal page is a must-have item for young girls, teens, and women just as much as period pain relief, period cramp relief, & period underwear. having the trackers be digital and printable adds a level of ease and ability to use without effort. ovulation/period trackers are especially helpful for women with endometriosis, pcos, infertility issues, and chronic health conditions.

for us women, periods and all that comes with it is not always easy and effortless. there are times when timing can be erratic, with no way to predict when it will come about or for how long. the symptoms and discomforts can vary greatly also. time spent actively bleeding, to how much blood there is, the associated physical pain and the emotional/mental stress felt, not to mention that life doesn’t stop when we have our period. we still need to attend school, work, university, look after children and family, run a business, be engaged and involved with our loved ones, be a good friend, the list goes on and it doesn’t seem to end.

this is just another reason why tracking your periods and getting a better handle on them helps. plus, the act of journaling and tracking helps to provide a sense of control over the largely uncontrollable.
period tracker bundle of three sets: a monthly tracker, yearly period tracker, & a 29-day lunar cycle tracker.

comes with instructions for clear understanding and use of them all. can be used together or separately.

🪐 all three trackers come in:
▪️full colour: for the digital journal lovers: these pages work beautifully in apps such as Goodnotes and Notability, or the PDF program on your device. unless you have a professional grade colour printer, i suggest using these coloured versions only for digital work.
▪️black and white: for those not needing or wanting the colour, or want to add their own. b&w is best for when printing and is the most practical option for when printing at home.
▪️in sizes A4 and US letter: so no matter where you reside, you can print them in your preferred size (if you want to change the size use your printers scaling function).

▪️these are not templates, not to be altered and resold/shared.

about the trackers:

- monthly tracker: an undated calendar month to track multiple symptoms per day. the key along the bottom of the page has many of the most common symptoms with extra room for your own specific details to be tracked. comes with full instructions with a sample page to add to user-friendly aspect. comes with 2 colour versions and a black and white version included in both A4 and US letter.

- 29-day lunar chart: this is for tracking ones cycle along with the lunar cycle. this can be incredibly insightful when wanting to delve more into symptom severity. comes with in depth instructions. the lunar chart is hand illustrated and comes in colour, black and white, and also a copy of the lunar chart by itself for further tracking of your choice. in sizes A4 and US letter.

- yearly tracker: this is a page for quickly tracking on a 31 x 12 grid. on the side is a key with the basic tracking terms. plus space to add more of your own. comes in colour and black and white, in sizes A4 and US letter.

👩🏻‍⚕️ all of these pages have been made from scratch and are ones i developed for myself during my years of living with endometriosis. as a division 1 nurse, i knew the value of tracking and recording. i’m honoured that i can use that knowledge and experience to create these trackers. it’s my hope that they assist you just as much as they’ve assisted me.

important: please remember that tracking and journaling can not replace the care and direction a GP, OB/GYN, or other healthcare provider (HCP) can offer. ensure you have an open line of communication with your HCP. always consult a professional with any troubles, issues, or concerns you may have. your health is priceless, just as you are. so please, take care of yourself.
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🤖a note on AI:🤖
The Wandering Moon Co. strictly refrains from employing any form of artificial intelligence in the production of its digital items, including journal pages, journal booklets, reference guides, cheat sheets, and more. We recognize the dynamic nature of our world, driven by technological advancements, and assure you that The Wandering Moon Co. and its products will continue to uphold principles of authenticity, genuineness, and craftsmanship. We deeply value our esteemed customers and clients, and we are committed to keeping them well-informed about our creation processes and practices. As a small business, transparency and handmade excellence are at the core of our operations, and we maintain the highest standards of customer care.

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terms of use: ▪️digital downloads from The Wandering Moon Co. are for personal use only. ▪️intellectual property rights belong to The Wandering Moon Co. ▪️reproduction, distribution, modification, & commercial use are prohibited.

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