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The Wandering Moon Co.

moon phase cheat sheet: instant access

moon phase cheat sheet: instant access

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 🌌 moon phase reference guide, a perfect printable addition to your journal, book of shadows, grimoire, or keep on your device, with hand illustrated details and an aesthetic matching the other downloads from The Wandering Moon Co. 🌌

🩷 free gift! download includes a free copy of the astrology signs cheat sheet guide! 🙏🏻🤗

🌙 whether or not one chooses to work with the moon cycles is a personal choice, and what works for one person may not work for another. however, for those who find value in this practice, it can be a powerful tool for personal growth, mindfulness, and connection to the natural world.

🌙 the moon has long been associated with cycles of growth, change, and renewal, and working with the moon can help you tap into this energy and align your own intentions and goals with these natural cycles.

🌙 working with the moon cycles can be a way to reflect on your own growth and transformation, and to set intentions or goals for the future. by tracking your progress through the different phases of the moon, you may gain insight into your own patterns and cycles of change.

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 🫧 about the pages 🫧

- in size A4 and US Letter

- in full colour and black and white —> a total of 4 pages.

- easy to read font and layout 🔎

- created from my own knowledge, this is not a cut and paste job 🧠🤗

- features hand drawn illustrations 🖋

- use in journals, book of shadows, tarot journal 📚

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🌟why use a quick glance guide?

it’s hard to not want to learn the cards quickly. this can lead to learning the meanings in a flash card like manner. when we do this, all we are doing is memorising words and phrases. the emotion and intuition is removed. if anything, the cards and your intuition go hand in hand.

with a reference guide kept handy, the information is broken down in smaller, more easier phrases that get to the heart of things with ease.

🌟how to use a quick glance guide?

honestly, you can use this however you wish. keep it close and handy for when you’re doing a reading, pop it in your tarot journal/book of shadows, it’s totally up to you!
I do recommend having the pages kept with other reference guides you may use. they can even be kept on your device. when doing a reading or a daily card draw, use the guides but then sit with those meanings and see how they feel to you and your intuition. you can then add your own notes, your own thoughts.

these pages are just a starting point. add to them, subtract from them, make them your own.

oh, one other thing ☝🏻 while these pages are not a cut and paste job, they also aren’t my own opinions or personal meanings I have associated with the cards. they are unbiased. if you don’t like, or agree with, something you see in this reference guide then please cross it out and pop your own words in place. as it says above, these pages are just a starting point.
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©️The Wandering Moon Co.




💡 free Canva template:

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💜Other available tarot reference pages (links for my Etsy store, but also available on Shopify)

🔢tarot and numerology page:

🔼🔽tarot and the elements page:

👍🏻👎🏻tarot and yes/no answers page:

☑️ tarot daily tick box page:

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🪐 the page come in:

▪️full colour: for the digital journal lovers: these pages work beautifully in apps such as Goodnotes and Notability, or the PDF program on your device. unless you have a professional grade colour printer, i suggest using these coloured versions only for digital work.

▪️black and white: for those not needing or wanting the colour, or want to add their own. b&w is best for when printing and is the most practical option for when printing at home.

▪️in sizes A4 and US letter: so no matter where you reside, you can print them in your preferred size (if you want to change the size use your printers scaling function)

▪️this is not a template to be altered and resold/shared.

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🤖a note on AI:🤖

The Wandering Moon Co. strictly refrains from employing any form of artificial intelligence in the production of its digital items, including journal pages, journal booklets, reference guides, cheat sheets, and more. We recognize the dynamic nature of our world, driven by technological advancements, and assure you that The Wandering Moon Co. and its products will continue to uphold principles of authenticity, genuineness, and craftsmanship. We deeply value our esteemed customers and clients, and we are committed to keeping them well-informed about our creation processes and practices. As a small business, transparency and handmade excellence are at the core of our operations, and we maintain the highest standards of customer care.

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terms of use: ▪️digital downloads from The Wandering Moon Co. are for personal use only. ▪️intellectual property rights belong to The Wandering Moon Co. ▪️reproduction, distribution, modification, & commercial use are prohibited.

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Terms of use: for personal use only, can not be reproduced, resold, shared, distributed, deconstructed, or used for commercial purposes.  please respect the creators and artists behind downloads and printables 🙏🏻

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