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The Wandering Moon Co.

indie tarot deck: Midnight Sky, aesthetic 81 cards, guidebook

indie tarot deck: Midnight Sky, aesthetic 81 cards, guidebook

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seek insights & uncover intuitive expansion with the midnight sky tarot deck

this aesthetic & deeply meaningful indie tarot deck, Midnight Sky, will become your divination go-to deck whether you’re a tarot reading beginner, or are more confident in your tarot reading skills.

about the deck:

this luxe indie tarot set contains 81 beautifully hand illustrated cards in white ink against a striking matte black background. furthermore, each card is further refined by exquisite holographic details on their faces and edges. the keywords & meanings of each card can be found in the in-depth and professionally written 192 page guidebook. a deck for the midnight wanderer in us all…..

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  • completely free! prices have not been altered to accommodate the free deck.
  • one free deck per order, per buyer.
  • please don’t request to receive anything else for free instead of the above stated deck.
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a peek inside: the midnight sky tarot deck explained 

 This indie tarot deck, Midnight Sky, is a special edition version of the 2021 Kickstarter-backed indie deck, The Wandering Moon Tarot. 

so what’s different about this deck?

While The Wandering Moon Tarot is a minimalist tarot deck with its cards having black ink illustrations on a white background, the Midnight Sky edition is completely inverted. All illustrations and card names are now in white ink and on a black background. There is also beautifully striking rainbow holographic detailing on all the cards, adding a dreamy sparkle and cosmic glow to each hand illustrated design.

the main features, just some of many!

This deck has 81 cards, and altar card, plus an amazingly comprehensive and informative 192 page guidebook. This all comes in a luxe two-piece, top and bottom lid box with a rose petal finish & super nifty thumb notches for easy top lid removal. There is even more rainbow detailing on all surfaces of the lid set, the card backs, and the cover of the booklet.

The black background with the rainbow-holo foiling gives the deck a shadowy soulfulness 🌌

the guidebook:

The booklet, written by myself and Marion Kirk (@marionktarot) includes the artwork meaning, keywords of the card, with upright and reverse meanings. The Midnight Sky edition deck is perfect for beginners and more seasoned readers alike. The imagery works beautifully with tarot spreads for love, career, life, relationships, etc.

all the feels right here!

Purchasing from The Wandering Moon Co. means you are getting the deck directly from the artist who hand illustrated and designed the deck; who created and published it.


why choose The Wandering Moon Co?

The Wandering Moon Co. is where you an find luxe indie tarot and oracle decks with accessible prices. With no compromise on quality, the WMC is able to offer free shipping globally. This store is a great first step into the world of divination, tarot, and journaling. it can also be a way to change directions from mass marketed and produced decks. the decks from the WMC are made in small batches, with each step overseen by specialists in each process needed to complete the decks.

The decks I create a free from religion and gender, as well as designs of the human figure. They are made for everyone to use safely and comfortably. Creating them in black and white also allows you, the reader, to fill in the gaps with your own thoughts and intuition.

Allow us to be your path into the indie deck realm, with goods you will never see in department stores. Here, you are purchasing small batch created goods that are unique and hand drawn, with each phase from conception to shipping handled by me, the decks creator.

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an open letter from me, to you:

🌙🪷 To you, the tarot lover, the wanderer, the midnight dreamer,

The Midnight Sky edition feels like an entirely new deck. Even if you already own a copy of The Wandering Moon Tarot, you’ll find this deck holds an energy and frequency that is unique to itself.

What I have found during my time as a tarot lover, reader, and deck creator, is that the best way to bring tarot into your life and then continue to practice is by using decks that you connect with. This could be an energetic connection, a connection to the artwork or colours, a connection to the types of symbols used in the deck. Whatever it may be, finding a deck that speaks to you almost guarantees that you’ll want to learn more, journal more, shuffle more, and read more.

Find a deck you love and use it. Then see how your intuition strengthens and begins to improve other parts of your life.

Remember, the cards are just cards. It’s you who makes them special and gives them magick. Just like any other divination tool, their role is to assist you in channeling the source energy that surrounds us all. They are there to help you make sense of the messages that you, the conduit, have received from source, your guides, and ancestors.

I wish you nothing but love,

Rach 🤗🤍

(creator of the Midnight Sky special edition deck)


the features of the midnight sky tarot deck: 

limit of one deck per order 

- 81 cards in two piece box

- card size 7cm x 12cm (standard tarot)

- printed on 350gsm art stock with matte lamination (giving the cards a perfect feel and slip, making them super dreamy to shuffle!)

- both parts of box (inside and out), front and back of card, card edges, and cover of booklet has rainbow-silver laser foiling detail 🌈

- box is in a gorgeous matte white which compliments the black tones of the cards, plus the rainbow-holo foiling with perfection. It has a rose petal finish with thumb notches for easy opening, with anti fingerprint finish (helps to keep the deck looking clean and fresh for a very long time).

- all cards have holo rainbow-silver laser foiling details; this design element was hand drawn and then added as a new layer during the printing process.

- GUIDEBOOK: comes with a 192 page booklet by Rachael Jean & Marion Kirk (the same guidebook as The Wandering Moon Tarot, with an inverted cover)

- 3 unique major arcana cards:  23. The New Moon, 24. The Full Moon, and 25. The Wanderer

- comes with an altar card (the card without a name on it)


fast and reliable shipping: 

👉🏻an important note on shipping👈🏻
THIS DECK IS BEING FULFILLED OVERSEAS🔅please read to avoid dispatch delays🔅
this deck is being fulfilled overseas. if you add any softcover journals to your order please note they will arrive separately.

🌏 please do not use a P.O Box address.

🇨🇦 For those in CANADA, as the cost of this order exceeds $20CAD, 30% of the declared value is generated in tax. while the total cost of the deck(s) covers shipping, it does not cover a further 30%. Until a Tax ID policy is put in place, I am happy to help cover some of this cost.

🇦🇺For those in AUSTRALIA, please do not use a parcel locker/P.O Box address.

🇪🇺For those in FRANCE, GERMANY, THE NETHERLANDS, and all other EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, please provide **both** your state/province AND the city you live in.

✨️IMPORTANT: this deck is being dispatched from my fulfilment centre in Shenzhen.

✈️all orders will receive a tracking number which can then be used with the following site to track your order:


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🌟🌙A note for tarot lovers: two of the suits have been changed to suit vibe of the deck better. cups are called ‘moons’ (think of the watery, emotional energy the moon brings), and pentacles are called ‘stars’ (just a different name for the same thing). Wands and swords remain the same. Court cards are also the same.

- Rach 🖤


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