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digital affirmation deck - 108 cards, unique, customisable

digital affirmation deck - 108 cards, unique, customisable

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🫧✨️i am: an affirmation deck✨️🫧

this digital deck contains 108 cards of “i am” affirmations about love, self care, and being unapologetically you.


🌟1. get a free copy of the manifesting bundle with your purchase of this digital deck. manifesting & affirmations are powerful BFFs so putting these two listings together makes total sense! check out what you’ll be getting for free by going to its listing:

🌟2. 222 hand written affirmation (no AI used) journal booklet, 8 pages. you’ll never have a problem of having to come up with powerful, confidence boosting affirmations! cos i’ve done the hard work for you! just download and enjoy ✨✨


some background on affirmations and the power of ‘i am’:

🪷two of the most powerful words we have access to are ‘I am’. these two little words are reality creators, confidence boosters, and allow us to settle into our divinity.

when we hear something enough, we eventually believe it. whether it’s true, false, positive, or negative. that’s the power that words hold, and also shows the power of repetition.

when we use ‘I am’ in the beginnings of a phrase we are cementing into our world that it *already is*. not feeling overly strong? use the phrase ‘I am strong and powerful’ enough times and you’ll start to not only feel it, but you’ll show it, and then you’ll believe it. words hold immense power, the have the ability to break a person or make a person.

todays world is rough and all we see are images and stories that have the ability to make us feel even more rubbish. using affirmations is a beautiful, gentle, yet life-altering way to say screw you to all those negative thoughts and emotions we feel. it’s a way to take back our power and our strength.

I hope these work for you just as they work for me 🥰✨

(lastly, to those who replied to my Instagram story and contributed some of their personal affirmations, you have my gratitude and thanks. you added life and love to these cards 🙏🏻🖤🤗)

🪬 theses cards are not gender specific, or any other kind of specific. they’re for everyone. there are no mentions of any trigger terms/words or confronting language. no pronouns are used, no religion is mentioned. these cards are a safe space for everyone.

🌙about the cards and file:
- the file is in PDF print, once purchased you’ll have access to the file
- 27 pages with 4 cards per page
- all pages are set up with dotted lines to cut along
- when cropped, the cards will measure 7x12cm (standard tarot card size)
- created on A4 size
- created in black and white for economic printing

you are free to use these however you wish (as long as the terms and conditions are followed). You can read this below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 by purchasing this product you are adhering to these terms.

- print, cut and use as a deck
- print them and use them in your journal
- keep them on your device
- print them off and decorate them (I left plenty of space for this!)
- I have provided affirmations, now the rest is up to you….make the deck your own!



The Wandering Journal is now available in softcover! 300 pages of tarot, gratitude, and self check in goodness!!!! Each page has hand painted watercolour details and was 100% created by me 🤗💗 order yours now!


terms and conditions: this is for private, personal use only. not to be shared, resold, distributed, copied, deconstructed, or used for commercial purposes.



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Geelong, Victoria

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