Giving Those Self-Limiting Thoughts An Eviction Notice!

Giving Those Self-Limiting Thoughts An Eviction Notice!

Are you the quietest person on your own cheer squad?

Do you tell your gal pals to think positive, self-loving thoughts & then totes ignore your own advice? Are you hyping up everyone else and totally forgetting the hype you need and deserve?

Okay, here’s the final confrontational question…

Could you be, or are you, your own worst enemy?

Ever catch yourself stuck in the overthinking quicksand, sinking & stuck af, 99% mentally paralysed, knowing the day is ticking away, & you’re tying up your very own productivity? 

Good news time! We all have that superhero, Marvel-esq potential, but our own brains almost enjoytripping us up. Like it’s a fun pass time for our minds to totally screw with us. So, it’s time to don the cape (or crown, for all my queens out there!) & tackle those sneaky, gross lil thoughts head-on!

Let’s go through these 5 steps that can seriously shift your limiting beliefs for good so you can finally become your own, very best hype babe

1-Stop. Pause. Halt. Heel. You Get It - Just Freeze The Moment 

Hold up a sec; pause & ponder this for a moment with me okay? If a sneaky, shitty idea doesn't sit right with you, that’s a sign for you that it’s game on to investigate further. Could it be a sneaky self-imposed thought that’s an original or yours, or are you replaying words said by some nasty-arse humans one time? Jot down these sneaky thoughts to unveil how they're cramping your style.

Journal your thoughts, the patterns, the trends. Maybe you’ll end up noticing that you’ll thinking low of yourself when your extra tired, or maybe those crappy thoughts crop up at around 3pm when the coffee has worn off and the sugar high from lunch has finally slumped. Connect the dots and you can find remedies to help yourself. 


2-Have A Real Ponder Over What You’re Saying To Yourself

Where's the fib in this sneaky thought or pesky belief? You've sniffed out that something's off in the pantry, or you wouldn't be on this mission. That means there's a lie floating around. Once you spot it, you're halfway to showing it who's boss! Tackle those silly lil hurtful lies to the ground, take away their potent power, and get working on just how valid these stinkers are.


3-Be A Detective & Search for the Proof

Is this doubting notion the real deal? Time for a Sherlock moment! Deduce it! Dive into the suspect thought and play detective. Step back, put on your impartial hat, and scrutinize it. Any hint of truth in this mind mystery? If you’re lucky enough to have a Watson in your life, why not ask them? Must make sure they know that this is a no b.s zone and truth is what’s really needed now. 


4-Take Control Of The Situation Like The Boss You Are

If your mind's playing tricks on you with a fib, just whip out the truth and give those sneaky beliefs a run for their money! But what if there's a kernel of truth in there? Or a quarter of a kernel? Oh well, nosweat! Just remind yourself that exceptions exist and that you’re a perfectly imperfect human.
Let's say you're convinced you're always fashionably late. Well, maybe you've had your moments of punctuality too! Recall those instances to show that you're not a slave to tardiness. By tackling the falsehood head-on, you're taking charge and showing those limiting beliefs who's boss! Look at the awesomeness as much as you look at the shitshow you believe is real. 


5-Get Some Help & Guidance - You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

At times, kicking those pesky self-doubts to the curb solo can feel like wrestling a stubborn octopus. Or like trying to get rid of that guy at the bar who won’t get the hint. So, why not call in reinforcements? Call in the squad, your trusted advisors, your council of womanly wisdom. Chat it out with a friend or a pro counsellor to shed light on the real deal. Embracing a helping hand, especially from a neutral party, is a-okay! Your mind is sacred space and only the best thoughts belong there. Care for this hallowed ground you’ve been granted. You deserve it babe. 


Finally, kick those self-doubts to the curb! Dive into your mind, tackle those pesky thoughts that try to rain on your parade, and watch yourself soar towards your dreams. Success is on the other side of those pesky limiting beliefs, you owe it to yourself to ctrl+alt+delete them for good!! 

As always, I’m in your corner.

Rach x

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