tarot spread - for when love gets complicated

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🩷 love is a beautiful & powerful emotion, but it can also become quite complicated. quite quickly, too! for instance at the beginning of a relationship, everything may seem easy & perfect, as both partners are swept away by the excitement & passion for each other. however, as time goes on, various challenges can & do arise. each person in the relationship has their own unique background, experiences, & perspectives, which can lead to misunderstandings & conflicts. in other words, it can be hard to put ourselves in the place of another & see from their point of view.

communication plays a massively crucial role in any relationship, but it can be difficult to express feelings & voice concerns openly. for example, fear of judgment or rejection may cause individuals to hold back their true emotions, leading to a lack of understanding between partners. additionally, different love languages can make it challenging for one partner to feel loved & appreciated in the way they desire, causing feelings of neglect or frustration.

external factors can also do a tremendous job of further complicating matters of love. for instance life events such as career changes, upbringing differences, hard held core beliefs, financial struggles, &/or family issues can add stress to the relationship. on the other hand, balancing personal goals & achievements with the needs of the relationship can be tough, especially when it seems like sacrifices need to be made (& even more so when those sacrifices can seem one sided or unevenly distributed).

trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, but past experiences or insecurities can make it difficult for individuals to fully trust their partners. this lack of trust can give rise to jealousy, possessiveness, & doubts about the future of the relationship.

as relationships evolve, so do the individuals within them. sometimes, people grow in different directions, leading to changes in their values, priorities, or life goals. this can create a disconnect and strain the bond between partners, as they may no longer see eye to eye on essential aspects of life.

despite these complexities, love can endure & even grow stronger when both partners are willing to put in the effort to overcome challenges. effective communication, empathy, & compromise are essential to navigate the ups & downs of love. it's crucial to understand that love is not always a smooth ride, but by facing these complexities together, a deeper and more meaningful connection can be formed.

for tarot & divination devotees, one of the biggest themes around what we do is regarding love. so why not use our skills & knowledge for the better? why not approach matters of love (& complications!) with the honesty & gentleness of divination? 🤗🩷🙏🏻

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