tarot yes/no answers in portrait form. with mock up ipad and notebook both showing pages of the yes no tarot answer cheat sheet. used in tarot journals, book of shadows, download and print or keep on device. get answers from your fave deck of cards

yes or no tarot cards: more than one word answers

📲🩶 tarot cheat sheets, reference guides, digital downloads….💻 with the boom in printable goods for the passive income lovers seemingly going nowhere for now, we all have a way to learn, and just as importantly, re-learn the ways of the cards 🖨️ this most definitely includes getting a simple, yet powerful, yes or no (or even a sneaky ‘maybe’!) from your fave tarot deck. that’s all it is, right? 

maybe we’re an indecisive bunch, maybe todays world has us overwhelmed and floundering, or maybe it’s just nice to hand over a tiny portion of decision making to fate. let the cards give us that yes or no answer. it’s as easy as a quick shuffle, holding the intention, drawing a card, then referring to our trusty download pages to see if it’s a yay or nay. it’s no wonder these digital download pages are so popular!📊

i’ve been making them for my stores, both Etsy and Shopify, for around 14 months now and the numbers don’t lie - people love this stuff! 😍…and who could blame them! you get all you need super quickly and can get back to shuffling that deck in no time! ⏱️

or is it much like looking at a piece by Picasso? from far away it seems okay, get a closer look and suddenly things aren’t as okay as they were a minute ago. do we need to have a conversation as to why this type of reference guide/cheat sheet for tarot is just so popular?

the words ‘yes no tarot’ are some of the most typed tarot-related words into search engines and e-commerce platforms like Etsy. is it as benign as wanting to add another layer of knowledge to a tarot reading? or is it a much more worrisome sign of a collective burnout leading to indecision? it’s possible that we need to start answering our yes or no question with other questions. ‘why am i asking this?’ and ‘what makes me feel like i can’t answer this for myself?’. 

tarot is, after all, a journey of the self. asking questions is part of that journey. even the yes or no types 🤗 just make sure that you know why you’re asking! 🙏🏻🩶


🌙🌟 with peace & gratitude, rach -xoxo-




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