The Four Suits of the Tarot

The Four Suits of the Tarot

Let's take a magical stroll through the insightful realm of the tarot suits! The suits of wands, cups, swords, & pentacles each hold symbols, secrets - both dark & light - and corresponding energies that help us to flesh out & add details to our tarot journey, while also assisting us to connect the dots easier and steer us toward those uncovered & hidden truths about ourselves and those we read for. think of the major arcana as giving us the who, what, when, why, and how in a reading. therefore, the suits (the minor arcana) give us those smaller, but no less important details that give us more to work with, more us more information to dissect, and add life and colour to what the major arcana offers us.

Let's kick things off with wands! These bad boys are all about action, creativity, and a sprinkle of inspiration. They embody the sizzle of passion and motivation, pushing us to chase our dreams with gusto and grit. When wands pop up in a tarot reading, they're like cheerleaders urging us to be daring and take the lead in our quests. Wands whisper sweet nothings about tapping into our creative juices to make our wishes reality.

They nudge us to remember that every little step counts towards our goals, and that our zeal is the turbo boost propelling us forward. Embracing the vibes of wands means embracing change and giving high-fives to fresh opportunities. Just like a wand's flame, our inner spark shines bright, illuminating our path through the shadows.

Time to move onto our watery & emotional suit of cups! Overflowing with emotions (just like this sensitive af cancerian who’s writing this post!), relationships, and that intuitive, gut feeling we all know too well. Cups are like a dance, always moving, morphing, shifting, and changing. They nudge us to dig deep into our emotions and bonds & sometimes gently shove us in the right direction to trust our gut and tune into our inner wisdom. In tarot land, cups are the heart's ambassadors, waving the flag for emotional highs and carrying hand painted placards telling us it’s okay to cry (which of course it totally is - but sometimes we do need that super obvious reminder). They beckon us to take a plunge into our feelings, to explore our innermost thoughts and connect with others on a soul level.

Cups are the ultimate mentors, showing us the ropes of being real and raw in relationships, pushing us to share our truest version of ourselves and forge much deeper connections. By riding the waves of cups' energy, we master the art of riding out emotional tides with kindness and understanding, finding peace in the chaos.

Next on our list is swords! These smart, stabby things symbolise brains, intellect, absolute honesty, and getting really real. No room for b.s in the sword room babe. They slice through lies like knives through hot butter (i mean, they’re swords, so they’re going to be sharp af, yeah?) and show us the cold, hard facts we can't ignore like a stab in the heart. Swords push us to think sharp and spill the truth tea, even when it's a tough, sharp, jagged little pill to swallow (ten point if you know which singer i’m referring!) In the spiritual yet very real world of tarot, swords popping up in spreads and readings mean it's time to clear your mental fog and take charge like the boss you are. They're like mental ninja stars, slashing & hacking through the fog of life to uncover what's really, truly going. They help us to rip off the blindfold & smash those seriously dated rose coloured glasses. They give us a dose of reality - even if we don’t want to touch said reality with a ten foot pole.

Swords teach us that knowledge is key, and with truth on our side, no challenge is too big. Embracing sword energy means thinking smart, making logical choices, and standing up for what's right, no matter what. Swords cheer us on to be bold and hype us up to speak our minds, regardless of what obstacles try to block our way.

Lastly, let's bask in the energy of the Pentacles! When these stars show up in a reading, the notions of cash flow, stability, & all things earthlycome to the forefront. Rooted in the earth element, they encourage us to get practical & persistent in our pursuits. Pentacles gently take us aside & whisper in our ear to start paying attention to our physical world & to begin nurturing wealth & security. In tarot-ville, Pentacles wave the flag of prosperity, promising real rewards for our hard work (both financial and no-so financial, but just as important & meaningful). They are our besties when it comes to receiving reminders to hustle smart & savvy, to manage our resources wisely, & to take solid steps towards our dreams. Because a dream without actionable steps is just a day dream.

With Pentacles on our side and in our corner, we can seriously lay a rock-solid foundation for success, growing our riches & financal security for the long haul. They urge us to savour life's simple joys, finding happiness in the little things.

In a nutshell, the tarot gang offers an ultra colourful journey of symbols, wisdom, messages, and truths for our spiritual (and not-so spiritual) escapades. Each suit brings its own vibes and insights, its own flavour to the dinner party. Luckily, we have them to help in guiding us through life's twists and turns with wisdom, grace, and clarity.

Lastly, by soaking up the teachings & energies of the Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles, we can begin to uncover the worlds smaller mysteries and set off on a journey thats filled with self-discovery & enlightenment. 

Here's to your tarot escapade being a magical, eye-opening ride that just keeps going! 

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