tarot card reading with the wandering moon tarot indie deck

refining tarot reading: the art of crafting effective questions for deeper insights

crafting meaningful questions: the key to unlocking the tarot's wisdom.

the dialogue of tarot cards: the art of unearthing wisdom through articulating questions for clarity

asking the right questions in a tarot reading is super crucial as it sets the foundation for getting the most meaningful & insightful guidance possible - which is exactly what you deserve!

whether you’re conducting a reading for yourself, visiting a professional tarot reader, or have a friend that is conducting the reading, the questions you decide to ask (and HOW to ask) will greatly steer & direct the focus of the reading.

in the same vein of thought, it also offers a tone & a mood. it determines the type & quality of information the cards will reveal.

additionnally, there is much to be said about the structure & strength of the energy provided alongside that revealed information. when you, the reader, ask clear & well-formed questions with intent & purpose, you have a much higher chance to receive relevant, useful, &  high vibrational answers.

it only makes sense that precise questions give precise answers, right? 

furthermore, the cards know & read your energy just as much as you know & read theirs. so obviously, offering the cards a a bunch of listless & directionless questions is like telling the cards (and their all important energy!) that in fact, none of this is important to you & you couldn’t care less about the energy the give & the answers they provide.

as the above paragraph importantly begins to touch on, most things regarding divination, energy work, & witchcraft, are transactional in nature. one part of the beauty within spirituality is the necessity of balance.

what this means is very simple: nothing is for free. there is a divine & cosmic energy that is required to remain in a state of equality & balance. highly sensitive people are incredibly susceptible to feeling those out of balance energies.

therefore, you give what you get. energy is transactional. the cards will give you just as much as you give them. 

while balanced energies bring peace, it’s also not about keeping score.  even when they have formed your questions beautifully and in turn, received super helpful & insightful messages, its always nice and respectful to find a way to thank the cards and their energy. 

well formed questions also helps to present a clear picture of your situation to cards & in turn, they can give a reply with much more substance. this can help you to dive deeper into your concerns, leading to more profound insights & guidance.

the next point is to avoid ambiguity. there is no need to be mysterious.  so, keep your wording & intentions as clear as possible. in fact, make them so clear that a mistake about what it’s all about can’t be made.

the cards already have a big job to do, they don’t need to also decipher muddled questions. purposeful questions prevent the occurrence of confusion or vague interpretations. therefore, this makes it easier to interpret the cards as accurately as possible.

next, remember to focus your intentions. by articulating your questions precisely shows your commitment to the cards, the energy, your guides, etc. it shows a strong desire to seeking guidance, which can enhance the quality of the reading. so show that you’re serious & that you mean business!

all of this serves to also enhance your intuition. this is something everyone wants! have you ever heard anyone say ‘no thanks, i prefer my intuition to remain weak, i don’t want to improve my innate gifts’? i didn’t think so. just the act of taking a few moments to ensure you’ve framed your questions thoughtfully awakens & engages your intuition. in doing this, you’re allowing your light body to connect more deeply & meaningfully with the tarot cards. plus this also helps to put you in harmony with the natural (seen and unseen) realms that reside all around us.

precise questions help create a clear path or channel of communication between you, the cards, the surrounding energy, & your intuition.

keeping channels open are vital in divination & so energy work as objects such as tarot cards, plus the people who read & interpret them, are conduits for source energy.

they are the spiritual highway that your much anticipated message travels along to reach you. if we stick with the highway analogy, messy questions being asked are much like traffic jams on a highway. anything which travelling upon it cannot move as well as it should.

asking the right questions ensures your full informed & empowered enough in your decision-making. the right questions can provide you with the information you need to make the most informed decisions possible or take appropriate actions that you possibly can do at that time. all of this helps to leave you with zero regrets. regrets are rubbish and not needed, but we’re human and in a twisted way we almost enjoy holding onto our regrets. this way, you won’t need to!

another important point is that great, well thought questions can minimise bias. how? well, appropriately crafted questions lower the chances of having your (knowingly or unknowingly) projecting your desires or biases onto the interpretation, allowing for more objective insights to be gained. 

it’s so crucial to respect the tarot's wisdom, energy, and it’s connection to us and us to it. you draft and craft some thoughtful questions and you’re telling the deck that you care for, and rexpect, it’s time and energy field. while tarot is no where near ‘ancient’, the energies of divination most certainly are. show your respect for divination in general via tarot's insights and this can seriously lead to more profound & respectful interactions. 

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