Dark Entity Attachments & Tarot Reading: Spiritual Self-Care + Protection

Dark Entity Attachments & Tarot Reading: Spiritual Self-Care + Protection

So we’re going to go over spiritual protection, but in particular when using tarot and oracle cards. It’s super important to note that spiritual protection should be used with all forms of divination, spell work, etc. Anytime you’re accessing the spirit realm or opening yourself up to it is a time you need be ensure you’re protected. 

Sounds a little OTT, right? It sounds pretty dramatic if read the words ‘spiritual protection’ and does comes across like the most woo of the woo-woo. I get it. Truly. But when you have a think about it, it actually makes perfect (and kinda scary) sense. 

When opening yourself up to the spirit realm, it’s important to remember that not everything within that realm is geared towards your highest good.

Some entities within the spirit world are waiting for unsuspecting and unprotected energy sources (ie, humans) which they can attach to. 

>>Spiritual protection cannot be taken lightly and should never be forgotten.<<

When it’s cold outside, you wear a jacket to keep you warm and protected, yes? When you drive at night you put your lights on to give yourself a layer of protection and safety, yeah? When you use household cleaners, you wear gloves, dont you? why do we do all those things? To help protect us from outside forces that could cause us harm. Reading tarot cards is no different. You're opening yourself and your aura up to receive messages, you're interacting with the spirit realm

When we do any type of work like reading cards, scrying, pendulum work, casting spells, and all that jazz, we’re asking for help, assistance & answer from the spirit realm. We quite literally open our spirit, soul, and auras up to the answers they have to give us, or the energy they use through us as conduits for their messages.

In asking for answers from the spirit realm, it’s part of the deal that we’re used (even in part) as the receptacle for that message to be received. A message comes through that we’ve asked for and we receive it. Yay! That’s the aim of what we’re doing, right?

But just like when we go to the supermarket to buy nourishing food, sometimes we come home with said nourishing food AND the germs from the lady in isle 8 who kept coughing and wouldn’t cover her mouth. In other words, we went to the supermarket with good intentions, but unknowingly walked away with something that isn’t so good for us. 

Dark Entities & Attachments: 

In the spirit world there are benevolent beings that love us, want to help us, want to assist us however they can. They are the ones we speak of when we use the term ‘for our highest good’ - they act only for our highest good, nothing else. But like anything, there’s a flip side. These being are usually referred to as dark entities or dark attachments. They don’t give a crap about what’s good for us because they only care for themselves and finding ways to keep living.

And it just so happens that they find our human energy super tasty. Gross, I know.

They attach themselves and have our happy, good, pure energy as a continual feast. This leaves us drained, tired, and lacking in positive vibrations. Some say it can manifest as physical pain, mental anguish, mood changes, insomnia, and more.

Let me guess, now you’re thinking ‘omg, are any of these lil things attached to me?’. Um, maybe? It’s possible, especially if you’ve been dipping your toes in the spirit world and not cloaking yourself in protection.

But it’s okay! Luckily, we can rid ourselves of these pesky lil shits easily. More on that later.

Avoiding Dark Attachments from Hitching A Ride with us:

Okay, now let’s get to how to avoid this from the beginning and easily protect oneself spiritually. Like I said before, we’ll be using tarot reading as an example of what we’re preparing for. 

So, take a few moments to ground yourself by focusing on your breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Breathing in beautiful, white light, and releasing anything not wanted or rede on the exhale. Let go of any stress or worries, allowing yourself to enter a state of receptivity & openness. Your mind, heart, and soul - open them up.

If you like, say to yourself (or out loud) 'I am open to the energies of the highest good'. You may choose to light a candle, burn some incense, or play soft music to enhance the feelings of being relaxed and content. Never forget the importance of ambiance.

Now connect with your inner wisdom. Politely ask any guides, ancestors, angels, or deities you work with, to be supportive and close by. Ask them to offer protection to you and your spirit.

To protect yourself, close your eyes and envision, see, feel, know (however best works for you) that you are enveloped in beaming, beautiful, glowing, white light. There are no gaps, holes, or breaks in this light. It encases you safely and you acknowledge its presence and hold the vision of it in your mind. Perhaps you can even feel its warmth surrounding you. At the ending of your tarot reading, you can retract the glowing light and thank it for its protection. Always show gratitude for spiritual protection.

Getting rid of those draining, dark attachments:

I’ve found the best method is to use the guided meditations for dark entity removal found on YouTube to be the best and easiest way to ensure any you have attached (search for ‘guided meditations for dark entity removal’ on YT and you’ll see plenty, with a heap of views. For a lot of people, this is also their go-to entity extraction method. 

One (of the many) reasons i think they’re great and work well is because I am ultra terrified of snakes like phobia-level stuff. Drawing the orobourous for The Wheel of Fortune card of The Wandering Moon tarot deck was so difficult to draw, but I had this vision of the card & couldn't abandon it. Each time i do an entity removal meditation, that night i’ll dream of snakes, almost like my spirit, body, & mind are being purged of not-so-good stuff. I trust the process.

Okay, so that’s the basics. I don’t want to throw too much at you and scare you off your practice. You can find a plethora of blog posts, videos, books, etc, on this topic and I reckon it’s super important to get as armed up as you can with knowledge. Dark entity attachment is an occupational hazard when you deal with divination, spirit guides, and the spirit world. As long as you protect yourself, cleanse yourself, and remain aware, there shouldn’t be an impact on your practices.

Remember that knowledge is power, so go learn more about this stuff okay? 

Forever in your corner,


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