your intuition: what it is & how to reconnect with it

your intuition: what it is & how to reconnect with it

hi there, beautiful souls, welcome to today’s topic: the enchanting and mysterious world of intuition. Put on a cuppa, settle down, and give yourself a peaceful five minutes as we can gracefully explore the depths of this seriously unknown (but super incredible) force that resides within each of us, akin to a whisper from the cosmos. or our guides, or our ancestors, guiding us more safely on our intricate life journey.

Intuition, my dear siSTARS, stands as a sacred inner compass, delicately, but with deserved authority, pointing us toward our true north, an inner knowing that resonates as the silent language of the soul, waiting to be heard when we choose to listen.

now, let's gentry turn our attention to the fascinating intersection where intuition meets science (as if you didn’t know if was going to come up! i mean, i am a total science lover!!) Scientific studies, intriguingly, propose that intuition might find its roots in the brain's extraordinary ability to subconsciously process an almost infinite abundance of information. Imagine our brains as these magnificent supercomputers, diligently absorbing vast amounts of data and distilling it into the subtle language of gut feelings. It's a captivating dance between the ethereal and the empirical, a harmonious symphony of the mind and the mystical.

Yet, alas, in the tumultuous rhythm of our modern lives, many find themselves drifting away from the embrace of their intuitive selves. The clamor of the external world, with its relentless societal pressures, unforgiving deadlines, and the ceaseless hum of technology, often acts as a deafening cacophony, drowning out the gentle melody of our inner voice, leaving us feeling disconnected and adrift in the sea of existence.

But take heart, you gorgeous spirits, for reconnecting with your intuition is akin to rediscovering a long-lost friend, a cherished companion that has been patiently waiting for your return. Begin this sacred journey by weaving moments of stillness into the tapestry of your day. Whether through the meditative dance of your breath, the grounding embrace of nature walks, or simply by allowing yourself moments of serene reflection, create the space for your inner voice to rise, to be heard, and to guide you with its inherent wisdom.

In this dance with intuition, recognize that your feelings are the delicate threads connecting you to the cosmic tapestry of your authentic self. Pay homage to those subtle nudges from your soul, for they are the whispers of the universe conspiring to lead you towards your true essence. Trust this inner sanctuary, embrace it, and let it be the gentle breeze that not only navigates but also propels you through the intricate and profound journey of life. Here's to a life adorned with the radiant wisdom emanating from within, a luminous path guided by the cosmic energy that resides in each of us. 

remember, I’ve got the most perfect journal/workbook for reconnecting with your intuition - i even went back to my nursing days and created a ‘intuition health check! 😄😄😄 i can’t help myself! my inner Florence Nightingale likes to show herself now and then! you can find the journal here

always, always, always, in your corner.

-rach xoxo

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