dreams, reality, & limiting beliefs

dreams, reality, & limiting beliefs

Here’s some fun ways in making your unconscious mind conscious and releasing you from the limitations of your conditionings and past experiences. You ready? Good! 

Do you know what your limiting beliefs are? Can you name me three?

Limiting beliefs are fairly standard when undergoing work for self-discovery. These limiting beliefs are held & nested between your conscious and unconscious awareness. You know they’re there but somehow they still have a hold on you. Sometimes more of a strangle hold.

For instance, 'I am not worthy of true happiness and fulfilment,' you know you believe this intellectually but what do you do with this information? The trick to eliminating limiting beliefs is to take action when faced with them & fully feeling the emotions associated with them. I can help you with this...

Now let’s go a little deeper. Within your subconscious mind, you have programs, patterns and conditionings that are running your life. You may think you’re consciously in control of your life but until you make the unconscious conscious, approx 95% of your mind is unconscious which means your subconscious mind is running the show.

Why you don’t want this: Because your subconscious mind is where all your traumas, emotional responses, suppressed personality traits, belief systems & so much more hang out. Ever wondered why you can’t crack the 7 figure mark in your business? The answer is hidden in your subconscious. The answer is there, you just need to find it. The treasure you seek is hidden in the cave you fear to enter… 😀

There are many deep & interesting ways of making your unconscious mind conscious and the main thing to remember is AWARENESS & ACCEPTANCE IS KEY. Remaining conscious as you move throughout life, noticing patterns, emotions and questioning everything (with love & compassion for yourself).

Two of the most powerful ways you can make your unconscious conscious are:

Shadow Work: Your shadow is the part of your psyche that holds the personality traits, emotions and beliefs about yourself that you have repressed. They are lying in your unconscious mind wanting to be loved & accepted by you. Thus you become more whole and align with your True Self being able to live your life no longer controlled by your past experiences. Integrating your shadow is one of the most powerful pieces of self-development work you can ever do.

Dream Work: Your dreams are your subconscious mind communicating with you. Dream work can be so much fun, especially if you love a riddle! While you are fast asleep & in your ‘dream world’ your mind is playing out scenarios that are helping to solve challenges and guide you in life. It’s important to note them in the morning & interpret them to the best of your ability, especially when you’re embarking on this treasure hunt to find your gold. Couple of quick tips; dreams are never literal, dream language is symbolic & based on the personal and collective unconscious and work with the emotions that your dreams give you for this is where the transformation happens even if you don’t understand it logically.

Dream work challenge - Note your dreams for the next 3 nights and see which powerful messages come up for you. Here are some journal prompts:

  • Write down the main details you recall from the dream (without interpreting it yet) simply note down the information

  • Note down the main emotions you felt during your dream/when you woke up

  • Research the main symbols that showed up in your dream. Think about what those symbols mean to you personally as well as collectively

  • What do the people in your dream represent? (they are not a literal projection of that person in your life, they are generally showing a part of you such as the shadow or an archetypal guide like the ‘sage’) think about what they’re trying to tell you/show you

  • Thinking about the circumstances showing up in your current reality such as challenges or goals you are working towards, what could this dream be trying to tell you?

  • Anything else? Note down any further insights.

  • Sit with any emotions that come up in meditation.

  • You can also gain further clarity by doing an ‘active imagination’ meditation and having conversations with symbols/people from your dream. Write down anything else that comes up. It’s important to flow intuitively through this process & don’t overthink. You can spend your entire life trying to interpret dreams if you’re not careful!

If you're going through something difficult in life right now, doing this work can help you understand it all on a much deeper level then you can become free of it and move forward with grace.

This can be a lot to get your logical mind around so I’m going to leave you to look into these more. In a couple of days I will drop in and explain some of the magic of aligning with your True Self and the freedom that awaits you.

always in your corner,

rach xo 

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