colour palettes of the moon: tarot & oracle inspired

colour palettes of the moon: tarot & oracle inspired

i am in love with colour palettes. always have been, always will be. it started off with saturday morning trips to the local hardware shop with my dad. i’d always end up in the paint samples section, picking out little squares of coloured card that looked pretty together. 

i still remember my mums face when we’d arrive back at home and i’d have yet another pile of paint swatches. i’d sit down and organise them like a puzzle that only made sense to me. 

when i really do think about it, the signs that i would end up painting, drawing, and designing for a living were right there for everyone to see! 

you can me, and my beloved colour palette on 🤗🩷 


lakeside pollen - check it out here

colour palette blues and mandarins of the wandering moon co.

or’ple dreams - check it out here

purple orange colour palette

colour palette - moody skies

i think this is my favourite right now

blue & purple tones colour palette



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