30 massively insightful fill-in-the-blank journal prompts

30 massively insightful fill-in-the-blank journal prompts

we all know how healing, fun, and brilliant journaling is and journal prompts are literal lifesavers, especially when we don’t know where to start or where to begin. these journal prompts are a lil different and become highly specific and personalised to YOU because you’re the one adding your own words to the blank section. 

there are 30 prompts with blanks, divided into:

-self love and self growth

-spirituality and self development 

-healing from past traumas

how do make these prompts work for you:

1. as you’re reading them, take note of what automatically and instantly comes to mind when you reach the blank sections. odds are, those are the words/ideas/concepts/emotions you should work with. 

2. if what your mind automatically adds to a blank section doesn’t make sense or form a proper sentence with the rest of the prompt, craft the prompt so it does make sense for you. there’s no rules to say these prompts need to stay in tact and as they as presented. make them your own.

3. once you have your prompt from filling in the blanks, use it as you would any other prompt. 

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▪️10 journal prompts for self love & self growth

1. today, i am grateful for __________ because it reminds me of the beauty in my life.

2. one thing i love about myself is __________, and I celebrate it wholeheartedly by ___________.

3. a challenge i faced recently was __________, and what i learned from it is __________.

4. my favourite way to practice self-care is by __________ because it replenishes my spirit, making me feel __________.

5. a positive affirmation i repeat to myself is __________, and it empowers me when __________. i need to use it more when _______.

6. a skill or talent I possess that makes me proud is __________, and I express it by __________. the positives of this skill/talent are _________ and the negatives are __________.

7. when I feel overwhelmed, I find peace by __________, and it helps me regain balance. the things which overwhelm me include _______

8. a boundary I've set for myself is __________, and it supports my well-being by __________.

9. a dream or goal I'm working towards is __________, and I envision achieving it through __________. when i visualise it completed, i feel __________. 

10. a lesson I've learned from a past mistake is __________, and now I approach similar challenges by __________. 


▪️10 journal prompts with a focus on spiritual & self-development:

1. in moments of stillness, I connect with my inner self through __________, allowing spiritual insights to unfold. 

2. a mantra that resonates with me lately is __________, and it guides me in aligning with my higher purpose.

3. when faced with uncertainty, I find clarity by tuning into my intuition through __________.

4. a practice that deepens my spiritual awareness is __________, which helps me attune to the divine within. regarding my shadow self, i feel _________. when it comes to my light, i feel __________.

5. a lesson from a past spiritual experience is __________, and it continues to shape my journey by __________. 

6. the sacred space I've created for self-reflection is __________, providing solace for introspection, growth, & _________.  i find ________ an incredibly interesting facet of my own introspection.

7. when seeking guidance from the universe, I often ask for signs, such as __________, which i then interpret them as __________. 

8. a habit that supports my spiritual well-being is __________, and it nurtures my connection with the higher realms. when i picture the higher realms, i imagine them to be ________. 

9. during moments of challenge, I find strength in surrendering to the flow of life through __________. during life’s challenges i am good at _________. but i do need to work on _________ when approached by those same challenges.

10. a book or resource that has profoundly influenced my spiritual journey is __________, and it impacted me by __________. when i first read it, i felt _________. 


▪️ten journal prompts focusing on healing from past traumas:

1. acknowledging a past trauma has affected me by __________, and today, I am taking steps to heal through __________.

2. one way I show compassion to my inner wounded self is by __________, creating a space for _________, healing, & understanding.

3. a supportive practice that aids my healing journey is __________, and it allows me to release pain, foster growth, & __________.

4. reflecting on the strength & ___________ that I've gained since the trauma, I recognise __________ & __________ as a testament to my resilience.

5. when identifying & experiencing triggers related to the past trauma, I navigate them with self-love by __________. It makes me feel better by ___________.

6. the progress I've made in my healing journey is evident in __________, and it inspires further steps towards wholeness by __________. 

7. expressing my emotions about the trauma, I find release through __________, allowing myself to let go, while also processing information & emotions such as _____________ and _____________

8. a positive affirmation that aids my healing is __________, reinforcing my worthiness of _________, love, & recovery.

9. a boundary I've set to protect my healing space is __________, ensuring a safe environment for my emotional well-being by ______________, 

10. visualizing my future self free from the weight of the past trauma, I see myself thriving in __________, and I nurture this vision by __________.



i hope they journal prompts helped! 

big love to you,

rach xoxo

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