3 lessons I learnt while creating The Wandering Moon Tarot deck

3 lessons I learnt while creating The Wandering Moon Tarot deck

During one of the many lockdowns my state endured in the craziness of 2020, I began sketching out designs for a tarot deck, The Wandering Moon Tarot. It was a project I had always dreamed about, but it felt like too much and I wasn’t in the right place to even attempt it. 

When I look back on that time, I feel such happiness and pride in what I managed to complete. I sketched 81 cards, drawn to scale, by hand and with no tech involved. By early 2021 the deck was ready for Kickstarter. After going live, it was fully funded in just 35 minutes and the amount kept growing for the month-long campaign. i ended up with over 600 backers and I’d well and truly received the kick start i was needing.

Now, three years & 5 more decks later, I can see just how far I’ve come. I can also reflect on the big and the not-so-big lessons learnt during that time. Here are 3 of the big lessons that have stayed with me since then:



Lesson #1

People can sense if you aren’t being genuine. If who you are is unable to be seen & felt in what you’ve created, they’re going to search elsewhere for the authenticity that you’re not providing.

The same goes for your intentions. It’s best to be honest & forthright about the reasons why you’re doing something, such as creating a deck, hidden intentions (like money and clout) eventually show themselves.


Lesson #2

Perfection isn’t possible. The ‘imperfections’ we see in our own work are unique to us. Removing them is erasing the important pieces of yourself from what you’re creating.

The only person demanding perfection from you is yourself. Embracing our imperfections begins with knowing how to either ignore or effectively respond to that inner voice.


Lesson #3

Contrary to what we’ve always been told, there’s nothing wrong with not having a plan. While making the deck, I was only ever aware of the next step, which were half formed ideas (if that even). I didn’t plan multiple steps ahead and I didn't make alternate plans either. I’m still using this process today & it works fine for me. 

It’s absolutely okay to find your own way that’s suited to who you are & how you best work.



While there are a countless amount of other lessons learnt from that time, it’s these three that have comminuted to keep helping me and assisting me the greatest. I hope they can be something for you to think on! 

big love,

rach xoxo 

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