🍀 is it all chance or do we create our own luck?

🍀 is it all chance or do we create our own luck?

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and there’s no better time to ponder about luck: is it random, a thing of chance, or do we have a say in it? 


I did some digging around and people who consider themselves ‘lucky’ actually have seven common traits/practices in common, 

Here’s the list and hopefully we can take a page from their book of luck! So, if you’re having a tough time right now, I want you to know that you’re a lucky person, too.

We all have luck within us, and we all have the innate ability to attract & harness more happiness into our own lives. How? Think of it like editing something you’ve written. Editing your life and proofreading it just might be the thing for you and it’s super easy —delete what’s not working to make room for what’s been missing. boom. ctrl + shift + delete and et voila! Putting it simply, make room for the luck to enter your life

Okay, so here are 7 secrets of lucky people that you can snag for yourself!

🍀 They Practice Gratitude

Step 1 of the life editing is create a strong & healthy foundation. This means focusing on gratitude so you have the energy to keep moving forward. Gratitude is truly magical in that sense. Things in your life might not be exactly how you want them to be right now, but there are things going right in your life, even if it’s not a lot. Make sure you take note of those things and try to apply it to other areas. 

Folks who are considered lucky keep gratitude journals, are thankful for the amazing blessings in their lives, and appreciate what’s working for them. Gratitude attracts more luck. Gratitude is the magnet of all universal magnets! 

🍀 They Expect Good Things To Happy

Let’s say you tripped on your bedside table getting out of bed, found the milk was out of date while making your much needed morning latte, and the train getting you to work is 40 minutes late. Holy hell! It must be a totally crappy day, right?

Nope! Wrong! Your thoughts are ultra, super powerful, and if you absolutely expect bad things to happen to you, then you’ll find that MORE bad things happen to you. Are you with me? 

To word it another way, you’ll notice the bad stuff more than the good stuff and then they’ll take up too much sacred space in your mind and totes convince you that the whole world is out to get you.

On the flip side, lucky folks wake up in the morning with an air of positive energy because they expect wonderful things to happen to them. They’re excited about who they might meet or what unexpected bits of happiness might come into their lives.

They train themselves to notice the good and not focus on the bad.

🍀 They Focus on Their Own Pot of Gold

A couple of days ago a friend told me she was thinking of ending her tarot deck project because ‘everyone has done one and the market is totally saturated’.

I reminded her that there is enough space for everyone and more decks on the market doesn’t mean less space, it just means that us deck creators are taking up and making more space! 

I know it’s not always easy, but lucky peeps focus on growing their own thing. Whether it be a business, happy home, career, &  (their own pot of gold) instead of comparing their treasure to everyone else’s.

🍀 They Have Selective Hearing

In a  similar stream as focusing on yourself & not what others are doing, you also need to put the ear muffs on when you begin hearing what other people are saying.

When you start to shine & commit to carving out your own corner of the world, sometimes awful people show up who only want to dull your shine and distract you from your carving. Always remember, these people aren’t angry at you of even dislike you. It’s a them-problem. They’re angry at something much bigger that’s got nada to do with you. But you, the kind soul you are, are an easier target.

Like when people leave a 1 star review in my Etsy store saying they couldn’t print off their digital download. The poor things can’t see that it’s not a common complaint (actually, it’s rare af) other reviews don’t mention it, and lastly….i don’t make the printers. If your printer isn’t working it’s a you-problem. You see? Small minds taking out big frustrations on people they know will take it. 

So, what do I do with these silly reviews? One of two things, I report it and odds are it’s taken down. If not, I’ll reply publicly and use their review as an example of what not to do. Then i forget about us and get on with my day. I have better things to do. 

Lucky people have selective hearing. They listen to well-meaning friends, family, coaches, etc., and they ignore the haters. The hates will never help you grow. 

🍀 They Have Lucky Charms and Talismans 

This includes all those brilliant and beautiful things like affirmations, talismans, keepsakes, mantras, crystals, jewellery , and other things that they believe contain lucky energy.

I have a moonstone ring that i consider lucky for me, plus i use some affirmations before i sleep and while i’m getting ready in the morning. I personally like ‘I am peaceful and abundant’ - that affirmation covers my chronic pain and discomfort, and also helps with luck. You know, two birds, one stone. Some sportspeople are known for having lucky rituals or lucky socks they wear just for game days. Some people believe it might be a colour that is more lucky for them, & some carry crystals in their bras. Whatever feels right to you, do that thing,

Lucky foaks don’t feel like they need to shoulder all of their troubles on their own, either.  A lucky charm can help relse your mind so you can focus on what you need to do next.

🍀 They Love Chasing Rainbows (not Waterfalls) 

TLC sang about not chasing waterfalls, but chasing rainbows is perfectly fine too! A rainbow is seen as something which is magical, and has a path that is never, ever ending . . . just like the journey of your life, business, and career.

It’s always a good idea push yourself just a little further than what you believe is possible (and what others believe is possible for you). Give those legs a metaphorical stretch! Editing your life never ends because your life is always changing! You’ll always be reaching for the Sharpie and crossing out some sections, while adding new ones. Life editing is also needed as you continue to grow and your old goals are completed and ticked off the list while newer, more elevated goals, are added. Moral: keep your Sharpie handy, 

Lucky people aren’t content to watch their dreams pass by from a distance. They are active in chasing after them even if it seems totally impossible - like finding the true end of the rainbow. 

🍀 They Make Their Own Luck

Okay, okay, I know you saw this one coming a mile away - but it’s so true! Lucky people aren’t born lucky, nor do they have luck given to them by some mystical forest fairies (how cool would it be if that did happen though?!)

Lucky people make their own luck by working hard every day and refusing to make excuses. 

No matter what their goals are—a promotion at work, a goal for a 6 figure monthly income, a healthy & strong body, a loving partner—they know that they are in complete control of their lives and the outcomes they experience.

Lastly, when you believe you’re a lucky person and focus your energy on attracting amazing, lucky circumstances, then you’ll be ultimately rewarded with what you want….or something even better!

So, best of luck to you! 

big love,

rach xoxo 

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