beautiful fonts from to help anything you create look amazing

fonts to make anything look beautiful & get people to think that you know what you’re doing!

anything design related is something i love. colour palettes, layouts, clip art, overlays…..and fonts! you know that emoji with hearts for eyes? that’s what gorgeous fonts make me look like! 😍😍😍

i’ve always loved because it’s a one stop place to upload your own fonts and share them, and to find the newest created font. best thing about it? it’s 100% free and you don’t even need to create an account (so no spammy emails clogging up your inbox). 

the fonts are all available for free with the understanding that you’ll use them for the right reason and won’t use them commercially. 

downloading them is easy, though it might be worth doing a quick google search to find out how to install the fonts to your device. for applied products, using the font upload app, iFont, is what’s needed. 

after you have the fonts on your device, you can upload them to Canva and other places. while Canva has a heap of fonts, i’ve noticed that people generally use the same few ones over and over. thats why looking for fonts elsewhere can make your work stand out more and be more attuned to you and your focus. 

i’m not affiliated with, iFont, or Canva. they’re sites and apps that i enjoy using and make my life a lil easier.

i hope you enjoy them just as much as i do! 🤗🙏🏻🌙

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